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HOW TO MINE (with APPLE/PC in-Wallet & Pools)



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HOW TO MINE (with APPLE/PC in-Wallet & Pools)

Post by God on Tue Nov 22, 2016 11:17 am

Updated July 5, 2017

How to mine in groups
You can rent a SHA256 mining 'rig' at this address:

(a password is useless there)

To mine on:

It is all very cheap these days, and convenient for institutions.
If you are the Cathedral of Bordeaux in France, reading this,
or a little Christian church/group, or even one alone, soon,
you will can buy a card especially for that. Like this:

Then, you have your own Christian intranet, and it helps keep the whole
internet more fluid. Your cards being the engines.

CPU mining is now too slow, but you can use Om as wallet.
It works perfect. And when phone apps will be there...
keep on backing up your .dat, simply on a USB even.
But always call it just: wallet, and trust no service.
Or you are in some cult, trapped, really alone;
and not in our Modern Service.

Om saves, your mothers as well.

Happy day!


How to Mine using your PC
Open your Miner/Exchanger (Wallet), go
to 'Help', click 'Debug Window', then 'Console.'

CPU mining
Type this command to start mining your 1st Proof of Work block:

setgenerate true 1

To stop mining, type:
setgenerate true 0

Type 2 or 3 to go faster, or -1 to mine full CPU, and maybe win this lottery.

Happy mining!

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