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    Post by God on Fri Jan 13, 2017 6:51 pm

    Wearing and touching metals is banished, overcoat gold,
    even as religious items, you sell them to Americans only.

    Even just piercing ears is celebrating sadism, so, forbid tattoos also, thank you.

    Eat and drink everything cold only.

    Forbid milk (for toddlers only), tea (makes sad), and coffee
    (only if needed (means almost never); the effects of coffees stands at least a day).

    Marijane and all it's use are encouraged, while alcohol, including wine, almost forbidden.
    Both must be 100% pesticides free. Christianity must turn everything 100% green.

    Mattresses and pillows are forbidden for ever; your arms, and any solid grounds, are perfect for it.
    A thin inch of natural wool always was the best mattress, you can redo, use it as moss.

    Both male and female believers have one's Om wallet installed/used with a personal computer.
    Salaries get paid with. Tithing is made on the front Om address of each Christian parish.

    Talking with Angels must be read by everybody, Christian or not, and encouraged.

    Almost forbid having 1 children before 30 years old for both parents,
    and have 1 maximum. There must be 1 billion humans maximum.

    Animal owning is absolutely forbidden for ever. Not even dogs ever again.
    Your ministry of agriculture has 50 years to organize it all.
    No cages, only industrial meat, that you will do in your garage.

    Take owning no dogs, nothing in cage, very seriously. When you see how fierce,
    and big is a wolf, in comparison how small and afraid lives a Chiuahua,
    you see hom unbelievable the torture humans just created. City/Domesticated
    wolves, as they ask to be called, simply wants to disappear. Wolf is the
    future for them, it is not disappearing. And you even say Sausage, not
    'hot dog', anymore, if you are a Christian who read this. If you see a
    dog in leash, you look elsewhere, so he feels understood, but this must
    change. Dogs, even the use, must disappear. And not by injection.
    Dalmatian's dots are humiliation proofs, like testimonies against mankind.
    You better be prudent, never there was a sadist race like the "humans",
    no longer synonym of goodness, for any animal.

    Recall, not even a fish tank, or a little turtle, even for kids. Humans
    simply stop owning animals for ever, or they are not with me.
    It is an absolute priority for the humans; own no animal.

    You talk to no dog, and never touch one, overcoat not his head. You are only
    authorized to take off the eventual collar he wears, and you do it
    without a word. You ask no questions, and no silly voices.

    How wolves were transformed to as small as chihuahua, by eternal torture,
    voices, commands, slaps, kicks, is unique in the Universe.
    I let you ponder. Own no animal ever again, or explect eternal tortures.
    Think about that in the farms; accept any lab meat, multiply it, it is
    safe said David.

    Start not forgetting who is obama. He started only things like that.

    No eggs ever again. Tell mexico, someone, and even less spices.
    Water... vegetables... a lot, like recipes.

    Polluting too is absolutely forbidden. No Christian lit's even just a cracker.
    Fireworks and balloons are strictly forbidden. Anything that damages nature.
    Smoking, even meat, is not polluting; some fires are normal, not yours.

    Metallic tableware is also strictly forbidden, you never put metals in your mouth.
    Wood is better for spoons, forks and even plates. Have a potter around.
    Windows and glasses are forbidden now, for even sand is endangered.

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