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    Plants behavior Empty Plants behavior

    Post by God on Tue Feb 28, 2017 9:04 pm

    They tolerate only to be free, in the wild, surrounded by all the other species.
    The rest is torture for any plant, especially alone with you in some home.
    Pots are the equivalent of collar for domesticated wolves.

    If you think a plant talks to you, it might be a demon mocking you.
    It is that simple. Keep no plants, especially in pots.
    You pray for nothing if you have a plant home.

    They tolerate humans only naked.

    I guess it is doomed on Earth for me,
    nobody will ever respect me again.

    At least you know about plants.
    Let them free. Roots growing are like running for plants.
    If in a pot, know any plant already hates you.
    Be suspect of any supermarket selling them in special "spring" events.
    It is amazing how you are hated by the other species.

    Even trees will not forgive you for the pollution.
    Be seen polluting the less possible, overcoat the atmosphere.

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