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    Post by God on Sat Oct 28, 2017 9:35 am

    Let’s reinvent cuisine.

    Mary is the one teaching you that since the most ancient times. It is a cooking that requires no fire. Reinvent that, with your local ingredients. ‘Mary’s cooks’, free franchise. Just follow the rules, and say David told you. No vinegar’s, for example, they degenerated you immensely (use lemons for oysters for example; it even tastes better doing so). Same with the meats; you slice them thin, or mash some, but, you just eat everything raw. It is the real paleo cuisine. No breads, you destroyed nature even just for that, and the birds will not forgive you. I am the only human they talk to. “David understands us at least.”, said a pigeon. See? You are in troubles...

    Do marinades mainly.
    Rolls a lot, so they can eat barehanded too.

    Have no metal tablewares. Chose woods, or edible forks/spoons.
    Plastics are better for cuisine. Tend to touch no metals at all.
    Prefer plastics/woods even for the glasses. It is mandatory.

    No candles (clients are more polite without)
    No light bulbs directly in the eyes. Have shaded LED's.

    No fat people allowed, even in the kitchen.
    They are obvious sinners, and they hate you.

    No sauces are made outside (homemade ketchups authorized).
    No pastries ever; nothing with sugar really.
    Do not salt too long, or too much.

    No chocolate
    No coffee
    No milk
    No tea
    No eggs (50 hens max per farmer raising some anyway).

    Cook nothing, I insist.
    It is all in the mix of ingredients.
    Know your local herbs; many are edibles.

    Modern drinks are okay.
    (Coca-Cola is a medicinal beverage... One can restore memories.)

    All the cleaning must be ecological, only pick products like that.
    The toilet must be extremely clean (every day), never smelly, or you lost clients.

    The walls are white only.

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