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    Sunday's you come eat, at least all Dec. 25's, or you are not my family.
    The rest of the week, it's a working team/desk/everything but religious.
    Social matters. Any white can come in resolve his problems,
    even sleep in a corner if you give me an old church.

    Put no statues, only a photo of me.
    My cross minimum, if you still believe, corpse less.
    Dismount all bells, never ring one again.
    It's your party hall now, you can dance.

    If you put someone's photo, there he will be, disguised, like shiny in it,
    and impersonating this person by voice... and you start listening to him...

    If you put a cubicle, for it's a work place (you have the crusades to organize (all psychos)),
    buy one windowless, and leave the door open if someone is working there.
    I want no mass ever. Just a speech on Dec. 25. A sum up and, what to do.

    The Old-Bible is still read. But you study more the Talkings by Hannah and, my pages.
    I mean the1se books, with the encyclopedia I composed on Wikipedia, should be available around.

    Share nothing more. Get a job. Ten if needed for you to eat by yourself, but not like priests.
    I totally ban this group and their clothing. Take no orders from Catholics, young or old.
    Be careful, it is the biggest cult on Earth, for they adore gold only. Keep your Om.

    Godity and Godism are my main words to describe this new religion, based on my facts only. The Holy-Trinity is me,
    Wear no crosses, you will be always distrusted wearing one. Only those who killed HIM (my main Soul) do.

    Asians, Puerto Ricans, and all the other ethnic groups should start their own group and, they all put a 'no demons' sign at all doors.
    They never get help, or get in, whites first even, it's urgent, or you cannot start a group.

    You removed all autels, and ut the tables just there.
    Keep some benches, but I want no religious events.
    It's always the priest taking the power...

    Their new job is school teacher.
    Starting in high-schools.
    The real Nuns became Angelology teachers for the little ones.

    Your mission is to protect your 5G Network, this modem you invested in.
    And cables are your weak points, their first targets.
    Invest in Li-Fi... then, the best Wi-fi.

    Protect your internet and wallets at any cost.
    Outside, demons lead zombies...
    Food first.

    And let no homo in. They never want to help you.
    It is not a decease, officially, it's only they are lewdness.
    They should try chastity and, good will. They won't. Mark my words.
    To whine about me is by definition the homo crime. They always whine. It's hating.

    This is Vatican New. I bet it start in Sacramento.
    Maybe around alphabetical keyboards,
    that you give to no demon kid.

    OLED lanterns you can recharge on its stand are needed
    to eliminate all light by night outside. You need ecology.
    The future is extremely hard, I warn you. 482F° in 2700...

    There is already a church in Moscow, and a new one in L.A.
    Or around NASA (who in theirs should adopt the + cross, like I'am back, and it rocks).

    All Angels call me God only.
    Mary says Jehovah.
    You heard well.


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