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    Post by God on Sat Sep 15, 2018 1:58 pm

    I recommend you dump the bodies in the waters. Except the Marianna trenches.
    Do not bury them anymore. Let them feed the fishes, really, over the vast plains.
    Food becomes scarce for all the deep species. You ate everything.

    No body falls down anymore. Call sea floors specialists, or the USGS.
    Study this, you all funeral parlors and, hemp bags, no more coffins, for example.
    Add a sand bag or some nutrients maybe, if you spot some needs.
    (Feed the worms who would eat whales, when on the bottom.)

    The good idea is to make a seed, with an old body inside.
    So, add living worms (proteins) to this "sand bag". It's a new kind of coffin.
    The veil must must easy to pierce, fully-biodegradable.

    I want 12 million French maximum, not 150, or they get nuked anyway.
    This is not negotiable. Bury vertically, if you cannot in water.

    Incinerate not. And do not hope to play with my organs ever, starting at NASA.
    I gave you no organ and, I authorize no dissection of my members for even conservation.
    You will not dispose of my remains.

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