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Post by God on Sat Jan 07, 2017 4:53 pm

Maria Mundial Monarquia
Om's Merged-Mined Hierarchy

African Currency [ABC OBC OFC] (2025)

Americom [NS AAA OOA] (2021)

Asian [CCC CCO COO] (2021)

Indians [DDD III BBB] (2021)
(To see if they stop being atheists too)

Oceans [OKB OKC OK] (Dec. 21, 2018)
(Oceania/The U.K./Any island/Shores & Sailors/+Good life)

Zone Euro [OMC EOM OM] (2021)
(Europe / Russian Commonwealth / Arab Nationality)

All Bitcoin clones, 21 millions, SHA256, fair launches.

Christians are many, it is to keep things fluid and properly managed.
Microsoft Excel now deals with .csv files, so use Om as anti corruption safe.
Both priests and nuns can get salaried with; or for savings/projects.
Same with the tithing duty; forbid collecting cash during masses.
Share in Om's. Or Oo's, if you pronounce it this way.

- (domain to develop), mainly
for a global micro loaning bank for the poor,
set in Sacramento, for the clergy with me.

-Om Coding, branch corporation.
-Coding of Phone Om.

Classic phonebook for individuals, parishes, your monastery, your place,
just like back in the day, before internet, and free to use for the world.
You input on Om Address, your 1st Name, last Name, and options like street/city/etc.
-You log in with that wallet address, a Xkcd like 6 words password generator,
and it's button under the log.

-Partnership hoped with Streamium , for religious purpose, and anti pedophilia. (Branded: Net Work)

-Om is also meant to be used, now, for tithing in every church throughout Christianity.

-Oceans is the most needed agent by the boating world/industry, believe me,
and therefore will be the first one I will release, in a couple years, hoping
it will help, and be used, this one or another, just be sure they need a chain.

"Never be late with Oceans!"

For chemicals free waters, Om Oceans will lobby too, hoping being adopted
as main currency, in the swimming world also. (Mallasz Pools)

For water (out of the air) producing windmills, I create the Saint-Joseph Kreutzer's prize.
It must create water for 4, the less techy possible, but electronics are authorized.
Moisture catching nets are welcomed to this competition. Rewarded 1000 Ö's, like the others.

For Saint-Hannah's of Budaliget continuation, Christians/Parishes are into all the natural vegetables;
and you are seed multipliers. You farm instead of driving; clean up the world.
A site/The Facebook page will be made later on; the world's bank of heirlooms.

For Saint-Lili by night, I (every Christian) will lobby for the permanent ban of all fireworks.
Do water shows, the Angels come in. I will lobby for the abolishion of night lighting also.
Plant a tree where there was a city light, and you wear something to light your path,
OLED's on clothes, wearble lasers too (in a few years), and let the night breathe;
never again a incandescent light bulb. Your street must be pitch dark.
And use glowers/screens, or a walking candle, never flashlights.

Hannah, her husband Joseph, Magrit (Gitta), and Lili.

Om Micro Currencies launches, and will lobby also for 'The Thorium Prize',
not only for the Moon (digging & living), but for boat propulsion. Switch to
these molten salt machines the minute you can, the bigger the boats.
This prize is renewed every 5 years, till so mini...
it can powers any Om City (Pop. 10,000 max).
Stop using nuclear at any cost.

-Asian's logo's name is Jack Mannequin; he waits for your questions.
And please, someone, photoshop him deep yellow, almost gold.

-African Currency will be the money anti demons.
Organize the crusades to genocide them using it.

-Om Windows 10/Smartphone Driver (miner).
-Web wallet version, both Windows 10 apps only.
-Both jobs gets paid in Ö's.
-Do the same for Apple, and Android, if you can code that for me. I even pay.
-We need the MAC wallet, or the female celebrities cannot adopt it.
-See the offers:

For adoption, intregrations submitted to: (Best bank in
the U.K. now; see their PoS Wallet Mining) (for your Om's + $ Debit Card)
(Greatest safe on Earth/Military grade encryption systems) (ATM's) (Easiest wallet to set/use for any beginner) (I gave the links to Mister Ma,
via his intelligent robot Anna, on his site.)
(For an Om based Exchange, with our 7 currencies
only, and national fiats; $, £, ¥, €)

Om is best.

Keystroke: Alt+0214 (Try in your search bar)
U+00D6: Latin Capital Letter O With Diaeresis
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