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    Post by God on Fri Sep 22, 2017 3:06 am

    -Kill each other if you want, or, know your DNA mix well.

    -You both are forbidden from doing children outside India & China.

    -Find rigor in China, if you are an Indian. Find spirituality in India, if you are Chinese.
    Obama makes insult the Angels, and all Angels are colors. Start respecting them again.
    Realize your eyes are animal anew if you are Chinese. It is insane what you became being manipulated by his secrets.
    The Chinese man with me works less. Never be ashamed to be jobless in both countries.

    -Understand overpopulation is a weapon, and obama (the devil), transformed you in this giant problem.

    -Both, if you go to holidays outside your country, visit only India or China, especially in large groups.
    You both are the best at welcoming just them. Nowhere you will pass better holidays, and maybe find love,
    a true woman; Chinese if you are Indian, Yellow if you are Brown. It just mix well.

    -True love is mandatory.

    -1 kid maximum too.

    -Not too young.

    -Not with whites.

    -Houses become free in a few decades, if you do very few kids everywhere starting now...
    Have none if you just live in the street, or in a problem zone. Becoming less resolves all your problems.
    Nobody will come attack you. Do just that. Even faster than Japan.

    -I suggest you organize a crusade to Kenya, not Europe.
    In Africa, you can take everything, by killing them first.
    They are the demons transforming you into them...
    You simply forbid pregnancy in Africa first;
    I mean the U.N. must declare it.
    Then, you can go Kung-Fu them, and farm your new lot.
    Have fun. It's demons. Kill the females first, even newborn.

    -You are allowed to exploit Africa's ressources without giving them money.
    Oil, mines, all the rest, is free to take, and to be shared among none-negros.
    You just build a landing strip, and nothing around. Africa is for the animals anew.

    -You can wipe this continent in 30 years, helped by the whites.
    Then, the weather starts messing for real, even with your supply.
    Start organizing crusades for 2028, and let no demon breathe.
    They are just animals; the devil himself, this giant turd.

    -Sending them medicine, medics, foods, or even just second-hand clothes, is strictly forbidden.
    Send them false pills if you want, with deceases inside. Try sterilize them by all means.

    -obama is the stupidest being that ever was in the Universes, forever.
    Always propose to blacks to "ask obama", because he is the dumbest, he will
    say something they understand. Everyone is smarter than him, even them idiots.
    Simply never listen to a black. It is your luck they are dumb. Rejoice.

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