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    Firstly, no African is allowed to leave Africa ever again, not even their Presidents, none, yesterday.
    Let them go politically. They will starve themselves. Provide no support ever again.
    Not even a phone call. No internet or electronics for one of them. It's WW3.
    Declare it way before (this Dec. 25, 2018), at least to your services.

    The 1,5 first miles behind the beaches are left to nature.
    Parks and recreationals, if not agriculture.
    Vegetables can grow even in sand.
    Just no dogs taken/allowed.

    When you can a railroad, build it in the middle of the gap you arrived on Africa's coastlines, to connect you all.
    6 ways thick, never more. 1 bullet fast if you can, 1 for the armies and 1 for everybody but animals.
    The biggest one is of the armies and, connects all countries on the coast. Remember you are in a thin gap.
    Around 10 miles in in average, but along all the cost. Never inside. Only farms outisde. It's a retreat first.
    Leave 500 meters between the trains and the rest. It must be empty, if not trees.
    Allow a large mile for your railroad, all countries, right in the thick.

    Metropolitans come second, more than roads, who all should be electrified, like its 1903.
    Never asphalt again. Dirt. Or clean roads. All electric and, electric only. No hydrogen even batteries.
    Methane comes next for the big boats. Especially for the future. The crusades. You go there, or you die.

    Never take women to combat. They stay behind the wall, farming your plot if you was given one, or she is a nurse in the army, etc etc.
    Fences are useless for fields. The crusaders are mainly needed there the first years, to protect, resist, even psychologically.
    Plant a lot anyway, vegetal borders, all along your strip, that you survey electronically, if not drones.
    They will want you take nothing at all, especially not the powers.
    And you must shoot on sight... just because they saw you...
    It's resisting. Never talk to one again once you shot/started.
    The first 20 years at least, for you can kill almost all demons by sharing not (starvation).

    Explain to your children starting at age 13, nothing scary before. Threat them not with demons like you did, or hell, hellish matters.
    We saw millions of parents who deserve hell themselves for what they did to very little children in many monstrous cases.

    Screams are the worst everywhere, think of it as a weapon from now on, in Africa first.
    Stop everything for a single sounds. Put the night-googles on, and snipe this girlie... if you fear nothing.
    They will train their new kids to make you give up by tenderness, all schemes they will try, all tactics.
    Like gathering a maximum of soldiers before charging you, almost naked, everything psychological.

    After your declaration of war:
    Swiss - Guinea-Bissau
    Sweden - Benin
    Israel - Iran will shoot first and, Turkey must never arm... Let's do not even talk about Egypt. Know it's coming. 100% sure. Shoot first.
    Belgium - Togo
    Portugal - Angola
    India - Mozambique. Then Congo, if not Pakistan. Their army is dead and, resolute against you. They will shoot first they decided, no matter how.
    Iran - Pakistan. Eritrea after, if the Palestinians rejected this offer.
    Facebook - You clean your network from all demonic/vampiric presence. Tell all the others, app world included.
    France - Senegal. The Comoros first. (Demons means they are an artificial being, who got you again.)
    Toulon - Die there, please, thank you. Or you can go to Madagascar. Japan should allow you. The sea rise will surprise by its quickness...
    Germany - Kenya
    Denmark - New-York, Chicago and, the current U.N.'s building. Their King should buy it, as micro-state office.
    Finland - The Bronx and, Detroit.
    Spain - Cameroon, then Jamaica, if needed.
    USA - The Bahamas, Morocco then (if you wish, after the mass unrest, or if the French say nothing)
    North-Koreans - Djibouti
    Greece - Takes out all boats.
    Italia - Tunisians and Guineans.
    My thing - The soccer artists; all the blacks, sportchickens first. Look for money even in their ears, with a toothpick.
    Japan - Madagascar (And forbid cat owning in both countries. They only suffer with humans. Cats must live wild, not disappear like all dogs.)
    The cartels - Meth is for Africans only. Sell to no whites. But everything is legal to empty all Africa, tell the cops. Blacks are illegal on Earth.
    The NRA - Equatorial Guinea (not kidding; Sao first if you want even. Any white is entitled to a farm in Africa from now on, gratis.)
    Laetitia Casta - Corsica, maybe. She will decide their fate. It's got to be blacks she tells herself, but her father. Me too. Too deep. Angry.
    China - All East Africa below Kenya, Obama's first son after the Kenyans. Papua too, for any Asian, you first.
    Egypt - Ethiopia (As proof you converted - Or China takes it) Establish a permit to procreate, both.
    All royals from England - Somalia
    The Netherlands - Mauritania
    The English - Ghana
    Argentina - Sierra Leone
    Canada - Algeria
    Russia - The Sahara/Libya
    Mexico - Nigeria (With a little help from the Air Force)
    Armenia, helped by all Christians (from Mexico a lot) - Turkey (Emigrate with Russia inside Libya)
    The U.N Buildings & Diplomatic Corps - Dakar (It's an order you can apply starting today)
    Ireland - Gambia
    Coca-Cola - You are a medicinal beverage, twice a year. Sell none to Africans or Arabs. Retreat there. All companies; tell them please.
    Norway - Norway, high in your mountains.
    Scotland - Same. Go if you want, both, but it costs first, I know.
    Australia - Ayer's first. South-Africans then. (Give Papua to China/Asians and, forbid them to even visit your continent.)
    Romania - Gabon (and get rich, steal everything to all blacks, instead of whining)
    Mongolia - Burkina Fasso
    Brazil - Brazil. You have the biggest problem, are the craziest ones. Stay home, save your forest. Have no blacks. No sex with mixed-races anymore.
    New-Zealand - Anything you want, you are beautiful, but nobody wants Namibia, like visiting you. You should take it. After you resolved your situation (which is talking to 0 Maori).
    Turkey - Chad (Become Christians first)
    The wealthy blacks about everywhere - Liberia (but they won't) Wipe this country 1st, all together, and turn it a peace treaty + international zone, in 33. No ID's asked. The New Far-West for the Alliance.

    The real 'Axis of evil' comprises all Africa, Middle-East as far as Pakistan, and maybe you all, France at least.
    Forbid tourism practically. Let Asians visit India and, Indians visit Asia.
    You whites start barely moving as well. Climate will kill. In troves.

    And the Arabs hate you forever. All Islam.
    Forbid it forever. And give up who was in.
    They will betray only, upon lies forever.
    You should nuke the Mecca by 2028, if you are smart.
    Sens all wealthy Arabs in Europe and America to Dubai if you want.
    Perfect eviction plan. Remember they will be against you anyway, both males and females.
    They are the vampires for real. It explained in that legend. It's half Obama you see, never a single.

    Demons are forbidden on Earth. They cannot own a thing, lands first.
    The armies shall count on how many civilians charge with them, not on other countries. (empty prisons, for the first combats if you want)
    Only the crusades are international, or the UN/European Corps.

    Demand to the Vatican a Concile with the G8's Presidents, not religious leaders.
    They have none. Only he who reads me should be allowed at the table.
    All catholic priests/nuns are charged to preach me there.
    Working monasteries everywhere. Contemplation after.
    You first. Show the example. I send you all to Africa.
    Live on the coasts only.
    2 years, building.
    At least once.

    Whatever how thick your new city there, it stops by the army. Walls. Miles of fences to defend. Barracks first, with blind backs, facing the jungles.
    You build a fortress first, fields comes later on, outside those few kilometers, when the army moved in. Up to 10 million tanks. Never one more.
    Japan will create mechs up to 25 meters tall... with flamethrower and all. Radars down to heartbeats to find them in the trees.
    Farmers will pretend they prostrate in front your machines. Your infantry behind shoots them, not the mega-mech.
    He shots for they run away even vasectomy.

    Bet on water windmills more than desalinization.
    Solar panels more than everything.
    Piloting drones.
    Modest farms.

    No lights by night from scratch.
    Only solutions you carry.

    You must green back the Sahara.
    All the trees there need a thousand, if not more years so filthy they are.
    You can cut, but replant immensely. Sweden should build there wood houses only, for example.

    Never you venture alone inside...
    It's for the army, or you are crusaders.

    They will attack you every night.
    Nigeria is 10 million men more every Winter practically.
    Never they will give you a real number.

    It is important you stop all diplomatic relations first.
    Evacuate all embassies, there is nothing to save.
    They will stay savages for the Eternity you are in.

    The savage is another name for the 15th Tarot card;
    for those who studied. He is right behind you now.

    You kill not their President.
    You let him die the last one in his tribe.
    So you hear scream a demon for real.
    I mean send no commando. If he is in the capital the day you bomb it, it's good like that.
    Kill any kid on sight when you start in 2033, I am not sorry to say.
    All the demons are on Earth practically, by end century they will.
    Kill theirs moms... The females first, after the kids, if not on the go.
    Always the moms first, if they "cater" kids.
    Their screams are terrible, really scary.

    A 3 years long semi-mandatory military training should be
    proposed to all young men throughout the White world, imo.
    Not the African/psycho way. A solid training, but no screams.

    Export/Import no black ever again.
    They want to show you how genius they can be now.

    Once you killed the last demon of a specific tongue,
    you killed their mother as well. It's a big demon less.

    You can say you come to save the fauna and, shoot.
    Protect large territories as soon as you can.
    But avoid all demons and, most animals are possessed in Africa.
    Befriend none. Completely avoid them. They need to resurrect as you.

    The last dog on Earth could surprise you by how demon...
    Find them beaches and even little islands, rocks,
    to be left there to die far away from humans.

    All this is phase B and, who should start in 2033, last chance.
    Phase A started the day you understood who Obama is.
    He must go to jail. It starts even the colonies.
    Pacific, first. If not stealing. Dare.

    Then you take all villages first. No matter how small, you push them toward bigger.

    Send no money, food, medics, textiles, jobs, weapons or even less bullets to Africans. They will fight on, more than ever.
    It will be extremely cruel in many parts, their mental tricks. You can say they wait for you... made one...
    Sell them only drugs, the extreme ones, to degenerate them, until you charge. In tanks always.
    If transgenders still exist, send them first and, shoot them all in the back.
    They run to suck their cocks anyway.

    They will demand you stop, no matter how, those Africans.
    He turns homo if he needs to invade a profession.

    Call yourselves the humans (human commonwealth), all those against Africa.
    You must cut all lines, starting today, never offer them a contract.
    It's how sadist they are you underestimate if you still trust one...

    You come to delete them. Announce it.
    Add it to all your treaties with them.
    Only then their Presidents will respect you.

    Starve Dakar starting from now on. Let not even food pass.
    And threat them with the a-bomb when you are ready to relocate your embassies at least.
    It could work this time, this threat. Or you can simply bomb.
    No negro is a civilian ever, only a demon.
    It's you declared war, officially. You all.

    There must be only white officers guarding Obama,
    and one of them ready to handcuff him at the first
    mention he is Satan (the devil=false accuser),
    even if he drops the "jokes".

    He tends to admit when surrounded.
    And he always knew who he is.
    The devil, with a big d.

    He is so psycho, if you do not hang him and throw his remains in moving lava, heads first,
    ask at NASA a wooden box, that you never open again, 2300ft² maximum. No shoes or
    showers mandatory. No electricity or news ever. Not even once. No door or window.
    He must not see you. You feed him not if you want. It only has a hole in a roof's corner.
    No medics ever gets in the box. No tools. No pills. Nothing but food or water.
    I mean a sink and a Turkish toilet. Those two tiny holes. Really tiny.
    It's a box like in hell. This prison state. Perfect cages only.
    Paint it alllllll black and, dark. Day or night. No candle.
    You beg them for a ladder for real then... in hell.

    Only bad water. Shit food.
    Chocolate only sometimes.
    It's the worst.
    Like it's candy.

    Incinerate everything he throws out; things you need to to do not see...
    It's complicated. But the best is that.

    I bet you he resist decades, overcoat if you talk not.
    But throw him not even an aspirin. He never took one.
    And he is completely crazy. Put mics only. Never cams.

    You will laugh. But never talk to him again.
    He must never leave this hole, or you made him stronger only.
    You will prefer to kill him, I deduced. And it's smart.

    Film everything.

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